About Team Gecko

Why we get up in the morning

JWGecko’s Mission is to ... Provide software tools for training organisations that automate processes to enhance focus on both quality learning and commercial outcomes.

JWGecko is the brainchild of Sascha Macleod, John Wooding, David Lobb and Martyn Webster who wanted to create a business built on the foundations of:

  • Experience
  • Innovation
  • Listening
  • And a belief that anything is possible

All of our solutions are designed to free people from repetitive and boring tasks so they can focus on imagining and innovating new ideas that grow their business.

How the JWGecko story began

Our story began in 1997 when Sascha, David and John first got together. It was a heady time; it was the year we lost Diana and Michael Hutchence, Hong Kong was returned to Chinese control and Bill Clinton was causing controversy with a certain intern. It was at this time that the Internet was taking hold and changing the way the world communicated.

Forward 12 years to 2009 when JWGecko was created to bring together their experience, ideas, and desires to be at the forefront of digital marketing and thinking. The underlying value to clients is simple:

  • We listen,
  • Innovate based on their ideas,
  • Reduce risks, and
  • Help them grow

Meet Team Gecko

The leadership team at JWGecko consists of:

John Wooding, CEO

John’s first foray into the online world was with the New Zealand national broadcaster, where he took their news and current affairs department online.

Today, John devotes his time to innovating new products by listening to what customers need and keeping on top of emerging technologies.

Sascha Macleod, Client Manager

Sascha is experienced in human resources and finance management, having worked for educational television in New Zealand and CFO for a training organisation.

Taking a hands-on approach, Sascha, is involved in the day-to-day business working with new and existing customers.

David Lobb, CTO

David and John teamed up in 1997 when they worked on New Zealand Telecom’s Xtra project and built a multilingual and character set content management system for Nielsen Media Research in Hong Kong. 

David's role today is to reinvent, rewrite, and create systems and tools for JWGecko clients'

Martyn Webster, Manager VET Research & Development

Martyn officially joined the Gecko team in 2017 when Enquiry Mate SMS (established 2005) became a part of the product offering however he hasp been working closely with the team since early in 2010. Martyn built Enquiry Mate from the ground up and is an expert in all things reporting and compliance in the VET sector.

Let's get started

JWGecko innovates and builds systems for clients across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East and the United States. No matter where you are located or what industry you are in, we want to hear from you!

Complete the online booking form on the top of this page or call +61 2 9146 6280 to book your consultation today.